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it can be kind of overwhelming trying to know what you don't know in plan 9. hopefully this will help you and me remember all the different things you might need to take care of at different levels of responsibility in various plan 9 installs this is mostly configuration files, but also includes some commands and "things you might want to look at" generally to help you get your bearings this is extremely a work in progress, suggestions welcome
user: /usr/$user - you live here /usr/$user/lib - your configuration lives here - this is like if you put all the millions of different config files polluting your home directory in one place - i would consider it very rude if something not system-wide wanted config to be anywhere besides here or the command line more important: /usr/$user/lib/profile - like .bashrc or whatever. control what gets mounted / started / configured when you log in - config like, what font you use in rio/acme here, default rio behaviors - mount your remote files or something /usr/$user/lib/plumbing /lib/keyboard - ways to type characters that aren't on your keyboard - systemwide but users will want to refer to this or bind over it less important:
system: plan9.ini - kernel configuration and some system configuration - 9fs 9fat # /n/9fat/plan9.ini cmdline.txt - like plan9.ini for raspberry pis - (and possibly other arm systems?) /bin/cpurc /bin/cpurc.local /bin/termrc /bin/termrc.local /lib/$sysname/cpustart - what order do these all run in? env? filesystem /lib/namespace /lib/firmware/ - where you put blobs for drivers - afaik, only for certain wifi firmware presently /cron/user /cron/user/cron
network: /bin/service /bin/service.auth /mail/lib/remotemail /mail/queue (other mail?) /net/ndb /lib/ndb /lib/ndb/local /lib/ndb/common
/lib/ndb/common.ip - (?) has shown up in error messages, a riddle i need to solve netaudit
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