"at a loss for words"
upasfs(4) marshal(1) send(8) smtp(8) acmemail(1) receiving mail for fastmail, for example, i put something like this in factotum: echo 'key proto=pass user=a@b.c service=imap !password=yourpw'\ > /mnt/factotum/ctl then to mount a maildir that you can use Mail (acmemail(1)) with: upas/fs -f /imaps/ (this doesn't imply that you need an /imaps/. this is just specifing protocol to upasfs.)
sending mail make sure you have populated: → /mail/lib/rewrite (probably from /mail/lib/rewrite.gateway) → whatever /bin/upas/aliasmail checks when you smack 'Send' in acmemail(1) the process is something like → marshall(1) local mail: → /mail/box/username/pipefrom remote mail: → upas/send send(8) → /mail/lib/remotemail → whatever. perhaps smtp(8) from roy niang, configuring /mail/lib/remotemail like this: #!/bin/rc shift smtp=tcp!!565 shift exec /bin/upas/smtp -tu -d -a -h $dom $smtp $* weirdly, the only mention of remotemail seems to be in qer(8). it is in the fqa though. - note to self: update the upas (maybe?) manpage to sort of elaborate on that whole process we can also configure a file like /mail/box/ds/headers: by default, from address will just be your username, which isn't right. i still get errors with sending, which seem to correspond to d_undefined here: /root/sys/src/cmd/upas/send/main.c:248 which seems to mean that dp->status never gets sent i don't entirely know what to make of this. because this appends to dead letter, it seems that this is calling send with -r, and then failing for some reason. rewrite.gateway
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