"not equipped enough to go that far"
typing symbols: - kbdfs(8) keyboard(6) - /lib/keyboard change terminal prompt - prompt=('→ ' ' ') what happens when a font can't display a glyph? some notion of fallback onto something? (unifont, ideally?) - font file format kind of handles this - font adding users - file server - echo newuser username >>/srv/cwfs.cmd # cwfs - echo newuser groupname +username >>/srv/cwfs.cmd # cwfs, adding to group - echo newuser username >>/srv/hjfs.cmd # hjfs - echo newuser groupname +username >>/srv/cwfs.cmd # cwfs, adding to group - you might want groups: upas sys adm - to auth server - auth/keyfs - auth/changeuser -p username auth/keyfs - auth/keyfs has some issues if nvram hasn't been configured - check fqa 7.3.2 - auth/wrkey - authid: glenda - authdom: maw listen - cpu server: - aux/listen -d /bin/service tcp - auth server: - aux/listen -t /bin/service.auth tcp - cpu+auth server: - aux/listen -d /bin/service -t /bin/service.auth tcp generate ssh keys auth/rsagen -t 'service=ssh' >$home/lib/ssh/key auth/rsa2ssh -2 $home/lib/ssh/key>$home/lib/ cat $home/lib/ssh/key >/mnt/factotum/ctl recursive copy - dircp seems needlessly slow/annoying, uses tar on the backend - you can write a small script using walk(1) for feedback and avoiding tar: root=/foo/bar for(p in `{walk -f $1}){ mkdir -p $root^`{basename -d $p} cp $p $root^$p } usb drive - use fat format probably - if nusb recognize fat usb drive, will automatically mount under /shr/ under drive name capture error message spew - cat /dev/kprint organize windows - winwatch(1)
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