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styx == 9p2000 dis inferno's vm infernosixtyfour
port quick shit from re: porting win.c Ah, this is easy, you've just gotta replace the win.c library. Easiest way to do this is to make a win-$x.c, add it to /emu/MacOSX/emu to replace whatever's after 'draw' with the name of whatever C file you want to use to replace it. It's a simple API to write for, I did this SDL 1.x version a while back. Works as-is on OSX last time I tried it if you have SDL (pre-2) installed, but it should suffice as a template for whatever other graphical library you want to use. re: osx amd64 Yeah, those aren't really that hard to do, it's just fiddling with the stack layout for getcallerpc, and getfcr is just a shim for a dedicated instruction.
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