"a confused television personality"
at morgan's funeral my friend was trying to collate an anthology of her comics in a tent. because i was not camping with them - staying 20 miles away at the house of an internet friend who was not part of the event, and who i had not met prior to this - and i had to bike home, i got one of the first collated copies. my friend asked to read it, i said sure, and i sort of collapsed and fell asleep on the couch, having been biking ~40 miles a day in hilly western mass on a single gear bike that was cartoonishly small for me i woke up the next morning and we had breakfast together before i took off again. she mentioned that after reading morgan's comics she felt too complicated to sleep, entered a fugue and took off on the town. walking nowhere, rambling... not thinking... eventually collapsing on the ground, a policeman found her and asked if she was ok. unable to respond, but apparently able to communicate that she did not need assistance, got him off her case. evidently she eventually made it home felt like as good of a review of morgan's work that morgan could've possibly ever hoped for
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