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vga(3) vga(8) vgadb(6) /lib/vgadb tl;dr: vesa probably wont work for switching monitors. (despite the manpage recommending it) if igfx works for your card, that'll probably work.
example: # For a list of available VESA modes and connected displays, use @{rfork n; aux/realemu; aux/vga -m igfx -p} # switch to a diff display @{rfork n; aux/realemu; aux/vga -m igfx -l '1920x1080x32,#1'}
0.2.0: vid 03.00.00 8086/0126 11 0:f0000004 4194304 2:e000000c 268435456 4:00005001 64 Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller
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